U2 & Coldplay

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I don’t want to discuss a specific song or a specific album of U2, but let’s face facts. U2 is one of the greatest bands of all time and probably the greatest in the recent decades. There has been such a huge drop off not just in terms of talent for rock bands, but also a huge drop off in the quality of music that has been released by rock bands in this day and age. It is a genre that you could probably consider to be dying, especially since the mainstream has come to accept and focus on other music genres other than rock. That’s why I consider U2 to be one of the greatest or maybe even the greatest rock band of all time. They not only have a ton of greatest hits and obviously made quite a lot of money from it, there music still stands up to any other song to this day. Very rarely can singer or music artist stay so famous and still be a star for so long that their fame outlives their music career but Bono is one of those artists. But the fact is even just listening to their greatest hits, it’s clear that their greatest hit songs still stack up against any other bands greatest hits and are better for the most part.

I could talk about some of the albums they have made (greatest hits albums don’t count to be fair) but the obvious and best one was the Joshua Tree. I would actually like to talk instead about some of my favourite U2 songs that I have always loved. One of their earliest hits but also one of their best hits is “In The Name Of Love (Pride)”. It really is a great song and it is one of the songs that has really stood the test of time. To this day if you listen to this song it is really great. It isn’t the best song that they have ever made though. My personal favourite U2 song that they have created is most likely Sweetest Thing just because of how catch it is and also how smooth of a song it is too. But they really do have a lot of great songs that really you can’t say one is definitively better than the other. Some of the many songs that come to mind is “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, “New Year’s Day”, “With or Without You”, “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”, “Where the Streets Have No Name”, “Desire”, “Electrical Storm”, etc. There are so many to still name. It really is hard to argue that U2 is one of the best bands ever to grace the music industry.

Another band that are on the same level of U2 in terms of music quality over a large length of time is Coldplay however. When I went to Thailand they were by far the most played musicians in the entire country and no matter where you would go you would hear a Coldplay song. It wouldn’t just be the new ones either like “Hymn For The Weekend”. They would play the entire album of Rush of Blood to the Head and others . It really did not only make the country feel like home at some parts, but you could also tell how much Coldplay has gotten around the world. They also in my opionion have created some of the best music of the last two decades when you look at some of the songs that they have released.

Again, my personal favourite Coldplay song is “Yellow” just because of how good it is. The lyrics aren’t anything that you can’t live without but it does sound really good. Another good example of an early Coldplay song that is really good is “Trouble”. The lyrics are good for the song but the piano is what really makes the song great. It sounds so much better than most of the music at the time and even to this day. But like I said, to this day they still release hits like “Hymn for the Weekend”. Most newer bands won’t be as good because these guys are the exception, but if there is to be a resurgence hopefully it comes close!

Black Keys – Brothers


Sorry about the delay in posting, been going through Freshers fortnight stuff! One of the nights was a Black Keys cover band in the bar (They were only ok), and I realised I’ve heard a couple of their songs before, but never heard a full album from them. So I decided to listen to Brother, which most critics say is their best so far!

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